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Moon Knight by Bill Sienkiewicz


Moon Knight by Bill Sienkiewicz

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two more sara paretsky novels in japanese (1987-1988)

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 3 sara paretsky novels in japanese (1985, 1986, 1991)

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Valkuria - Guyver 2 Female ガイバーII F


Valkuria - Guyver 2 Female ガイバーII F

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Anonymous asked: What was it like the first time you and George had sex as a couple?


It was March 17, 1964. It was my birthday and George had taken me to my mother’s house for dinner. We had a great time. I was proud to be with him. He was so friendly and sweet with my whole family. They all loved him from the first.

When we left my mother’s George asked me did I want to go back to his flat for a while. Of course I said yes! I wanted to spend every minute with him that I could.

George drove his beautiful silver Jaguar with one hand as he held my hand with the other. Even when he shifted gears, we didn’t let go of each other. When we pulled up to the flat in William Mews, George casually let me know that Ringo wouldn’t be home that night.

I was nervous. We’d only been dating for about a week. We spent every available minute together and lots of time in that tiny car making out and steaming up the windows. In those days, if a guy really liked a girl, he wouldn’t pressure her to go to bed. Both George and I were a bit old fashioned that way and though we’d gone as far as we could we hadn’t made love yet. I was willing, but I didn’t want him to think I was fast so I held back. When I realized it would be just us two, I was both excited and scared. I knew I would never be able to resist him if we were alone together. I didn’t want to resist him! I didn’t want him to think I was a slut, either.

When we got up to the flat and George opened the door, it was like stepping into a dream. The whole flat was lit up by hundreds of candles and the place was filled with flowers. I found out later that Paul and Ringo had spent hours putting the flowers around and lighting all those candles. Those boys never did anything without the others knowing.

It took my breath away. George lead me over to their sleek leather couch and we sat down. He said, “Pattie, I have a birthday present for you.” He handed me a square box that looked like it came from a jewelers. Inside were the most lovely pair of gold hoop earrings. Real gold! And the earrings were the new gypsy kind that were just becoming popular. I was immensely thrilled.

"Happy birthday," he told me. I could tell he was pleased with my reaction to his gift. I immediately put them on. The earrings were gorgeous and just perfect. I still have them to this day. They have never gone out of style.

On the coffee table was a a bottle of champagne on ice. George popped the cork and poured us each a glass and we just grinned like sick love birds at each other. We hadn’t known each other long, but we were besotted with each other. The physical chemistry between us was something I had never experienced before and only once or twice again since and never as intensely as with George.

The champagne loosened me up and I wasn’t quite so nervous. Of course we started kissing. God, he was a wonderful kisser. After a while he asked me if I wanted to get more comfortable! I just nodded mutely and he led me to his bedroom.

The bedroom, too, was lit by candles and strewn with flowers. We sat on the side of the bed and George turned to me and said, “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” I answered him with a kiss and he took things from there.

I have to tell you that was the most wonderful night of my life. He was a tender, gentle, exciting lover. I hoped I wasn’t a disappointment. I had little experience with men and was quite shy. George was patient and giving.

As we lay in each other’s arms, I had never felt so close to another person. I didn’t know such feelings existed! I couldn’t hold him tight enough. My heart was filled to over flowing with what I thought must be true love.

George whispered in my ear, “I love you, Pattie Boyd.” I thought I would die from happiness! I was thrilled beyond anything.

I smiled at him and we looked deeply into each other’s eyes. I wanted to tell him I loved him, too, but I couldn’t get the words out so I just kissed him as hard as I could and that got things going again!

Before we drifted off to sleep, he murmured, “I really do love you.” By then I was so full of love for him I couldn’t hold it in any longer and lying there, our arms and legs entwined, I whispered back to him, “I love you, too.”

That was the most perfect birthday I ever had!

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Father Guido Sarducci on Art School.

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Tig Notaro (x)

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Stray Toasters #2 (Epic Comics - 1988)
Writer/Illustrator: Bill Sienkiewicz


Stray Toasters #2 (Epic Comics - 1988)

Writer/Illustrator: Bill Sienkiewicz

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"We were on holiday here," says Ringo of this photo of him and John, taken sometime around 1966. "And we were having a good time. The four of us always went on holiday together. One time we went to the Spanish Islands. George and I went to Canada once. We were playing Monopoly here, and it looks like I won! I often won."

-Ringo Starr

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Well, trust is huge, because trust is putting faith in that mystery. It’s the ultimate surrender, and it’s also the ultimate empowerment because it’s taking comfort in not having control, and finding power in that. It’s the key to being receptive, which is the key to everything: it’s not about finding the answers, it’s about being receptive to all answers and all questions, and more questions, and those questions leading to other questions… Part of my “religion,” if you want to call it that, is falling in love every day. When you’re in love, what seems to be a boring day falls into this greater mythology. I want to be that way every day. I’m not saying that I succeed at it, but that’s my goal.

— Taraka Larson (of Prince Rama)

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The Great Wall, Drawings for Manhattan

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